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 الانبياء prophets

اذهب الى الأسفل 
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Eman khaled
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..::عضو برونزي::..

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مُساهمةموضوع: الانبياء prophets   السبت أبريل 29, 2017 9:47 pm

الانبياء prophets

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
(( آدم‏ ))

‏أبو البشر، خلقه الله بيده وأسجد له الملائكة وعلمه الأسماء وخلق له زوجته وأسكنهما الجنة وأنذرهما أن لا يقربا شجرة معينة ولكن الشيطان وسوس لهما فأكلا منها فأنزلهما الله إلى الأرض ومكن لهما سبل العيش بها وطالبهما بعبادة الله وحده وحض الناس على ذلك، وجعله خليفته في الأرض، وهو رسول الله إلى أبنائه وهو أول الأنبياء.‏

Adam : Adam, the first man, was created by the Hand of Allah Who taught him all names, made the angels prostrate before him, and granted him the companionship of Eve with whom he was admitted to Paradise. In Paradise both Adam and Eve were warned against a certain tree, but Satan tempted them to eat from its fruit. As a result, Adam was descended to be Allah's vicegerent on earth, and, together with Eve, was provided with a means of living. As the first apostle of Allah, Adam was ordered to call his children to the worship of Allah the Only and True God.

(( ‏أيوب‏ ))

من سلالة سيدنا إبراهيم كان من النبيين الموحى إليهم، كان أيوب ذا مال وأولاد كثيرين ولكن الله ابتلاه في هذا كله فزال عنه، وابتلي في جسده بأنواع البلاء واستمر مرضه 18 عاما اعتزله فيها الناس إلا امرأته صبرت وعملت لكي توفر قوت يومهما حتى عافاه الله من مرضه وأخلفه في كل ما ابتلي فيه، ولذلك يضرب المثل بأيوب في صبره وفي بلائه، روي أن الله يحتج يوم القيامة بأيوب عليه السلام على أهل البلاء.‏

Job [Aiyub] : A descendant of Abraham, Job was a prophet who received Divine Revelation. He was a wealthy man and had many children. However, Allah caused him to lose all his fortune and sons and afflicted him with physical suffering that lasted for 18 years, during which all people deserted him. Only his wife persevered with him and worked to provide for him until he regained his health and was compensated for all he had lost. Job was so great an example of perseverance from suffering that on the Day of Judgment, Allah will make him a standard to refute the excuses of those who did not endure suffering.

(( ‏إبراهيم‏ ))

هو خليل الله، اصطفاه الله برسالته وفضله على كثير من خلقه، كان إبراهيم يعيش في قوم يعبدون الكواكب، فلم يكن يرضيه ذلك، وأحس بفطرته أن هناك إلها أعظم حتى هداه الله واصطفاه برسالته، وأخذ إبراهيم يدعو قومه لوحدانية الله وعبادته ولكنهم كذبوه وحاولوا إحراقه فأنجاه الله من بين أيديهم، جعل الله الأنبياء من نسل إبراهيم فولد له إسماعيل وإسحاق، قام إبراهيم ببناء الكعبة مع إسماعيل.‏

Abraham [Ibrahim] : Abraham was the "Close One to Allah" Who preferred him over many others and selected him to be a messenger. Though brought up in a pagan community that worshiped idols, Abraham refused to do so and realized that there must be a greater god of the universe. Allah guided him to the right path and revealed His message to him. He then directed his mission to his people, and called on them to renounce idolatry. He was answered with stubborn refusals. They plotted against him but their schemes were in vain, for Allah, the Almighty, provided support and protection to His servant and prophet, Abraham. Abraham was the forefather of a line of prophets through his two sons Ishmael and Isaac. It was Abraham who began the construction of the Ka`bah with the help of Ishmael.

(( ‏إدريس‏ ))

‏كان صديقا نبيا ومن الصابرين، أول نبي بعث في الأرض بعد آدم، وهو أبو جد نوح، أنزلت عليه ثلاثون صحيفة، ودعا إلى وحدانية الله وآمن به ألف إنسان، وهو أول من خط بالقلم وأول من خاط الثياب ولبسها، وأول من نظر في علم النجوم وسيرها.‏

Idris : Idris was a grandfather of Noah and the first prophet after Adam to receive thirty Divine ******ures. He called for the Oneness of Allah and was followed by one thousand people. Idris was the first to write, the first to wear sewn clothes and the first to think about astrology.

(( إسحاق‏ ))

هو ولد سيدنا إبراهيم من زوجته سارة، وقد كانت البشارة بمولده من الملائكة لإبراهيم وسارة لما مروا بهم مجتازين ذاهبين إلى مدائن قوم لوط ليدمروها عليهم لكفرهم وفجورهم، ذكره الله في القرآن بأنه "غلام عليم" جعله الله نبيا يهدي الناس إلى فعل الخيرات، جاء من نسله سيدنا يعقوب.‏

Isaac [Ishaq] : Isaac was Abraham's son by his wife Sarah, and the father of Jacob. The tidings of his birth were given to his parents by the angels who had been sent to destroy the city of the people of Lot. The Holy Qur'an referred to Isaac as "a son endowed with wisdom." Isaac was sent as a prophet to guide people to the right way.

(( ‏إسماعيل‏ ))

‏هو ابن إبراهيم البكر وولد السيدة هاجر، سار إبراهيم بهاجر - بأمر من الله - حتى وضعها وابنها في موضع مكة وتركهما ومعهما قليل من الماء والتمر ولما نفد الزاد جعلت السيدة هاجر تطوف هنا وهناك حتى هداها الله إلى ماء زمزم ووفد عليها كثير من الناس حتى جاء أمر الله لسيدنا إبراهيم ببناء الكعبة ورفع قواعد البيت، فجعل إسماعيل يأتي بالحجر وإبراهيم يبني حتى أتما البناء ثم جاء أمر الله بذبح إسماعيل حيث رأى إبراهيم في منامه أنه يذبح ابنه فعرض عليه ذلك فقال "يا أبت افعل ما تؤمر ستجدني إن شاء الله من الصابرين" ففداه الله بذبح عظيم، كان إسماعيل فارسا فهو أول من استأنس الخيل وكان صبورا حليما، يقال إنه أول من تحدث بالعربية البينة وكان صادق الوعد، وكان يأمر أهله بالصلاة والزكاة، وكان ينادي بعبادة الله ووحدانيته.‏

Ishmael [Isma`il] : Ishmael was the first son of Abraham by his second wife, Hajar. In compliance with Allah's command, Abraham moved the mother and her baby to a place in the desert, which came to be known as Mecca, and left them with little food and water. Suffering from lack of provisions, Hajar kept wandering here and there until the water of Zamzam gushed out from under the feet of her baby. The Well of Zamzam attracted many people to dwell in the region. Later, Ishmael helped his father implement the command of Allah regarding the construction of the Ka`bah. Abraham then had a revelation during his sleep, that he should sacrifice his son for the sake of Allah. Both the father and son were images of humility and obedience in their immediate response to the Will of Allah. However, Allah saved Ishmael from being sacrificed. Ishmael was a forbearing knight and was the first to tame horses. He is also said to have been the first to speak Classical Arabic. Prophet Ishmael called for the worship of the Only True God, and enjoined his people to practice prayer and charity.

(( ‏إلياس‏ ))

‏أرسل إلى أهل بعلبك غربي دمشق فدعاهم إلى عبادة الله وأن يتركوا عبادة صنم كانوا يسمونه بعلا فآذوه، وقال ابن عباس هو عم اليسع.‏

Elijah [Ilyas] : Elijah was a prophet sent to the people of Baalbek, in east Lebanon. He called them to worship only Allah and stop adoring their idol Ba`la. They subjected him to different punishments. Ibn `Abbas said that Elijah was the paternal uncle of Elisha.

‏(( اليسع‏ ))

‏من العبدة الأخيار ورد ذكره في التوراة كما ذكر في القرآن مرتين ، ويذكر أنه أقام من الموت إنسانا كمعجزة.‏

Elisha [Al-Yasa`] : Elisha was a devout prophet who performed the miracle of resurrecting a dead person. He is mentioned in the Holy Qur'an twice and in the Torah as well.

(( ‏داوود‏ ))

‏آتاه الله العلم والحكمة وسخر له الجبال والطير يسبحن معه وألان له الحديد، كان عبدا خالصا لله شكورا يصوم يوما ويفطر يوما يقوم نصف الليل وينام ثلثه ويقوم سدسه وأنزل الله عليه الزبور وقد أوتي ملكا عظيما وأمره الله أن يحكم بالعدل.‏

David [Dawud] : David was a devout servant of Allah who used to observe fasting on one day and break it the next, besides practicing forms of worship for about two-thirds of the night. Allah revealed the Psalms to David, gave him wisdom and knowledge and granted him a strong kingdom in which mountains were subdued, all birds were assembled and iron was made soft.

(( ‏ذو الكفل‏ ))

‏من الأنبياء الصالحين، وكان يصلي كل يوم مائة صلاة، قيل إنه تكفل لبني قومه أن يقضي بينهم بالعدل ويكفيهم أمرهم ففعل فسمي بذي الكفل.‏

Ezekiel [Dhul-Kifl] : Ezekiel was a devout prophet who used to observe prayer one hundred times a day. He took it upon himself to stand for justice among
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الانبياء prophets
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