بين I wish و I hope .

In general, “I wish” is used to refer to

something that is not possible, that is

unreal, that ishypothetical

For eyample, if you are not rich, you might say

1) I wish I were rich

If you are sorry that you said bad things, you might say

2) I wish I hadn’t said those bad things

If you want something to happen, but you don’t

think it will, you might say

3) I wish my boss would stop giving me so much work

On the other hand, “I hope” is used to refer

to something that is possible

You might say

1a) I got a new job! I hope I will be rich one

day / I hope I am rich one day

2a) I said bad things. I hope that John was not

offended by my words. I didn’t mean them

3a) My boss often gives me too much work. I

hope he doesn’t give me any more work to do

over the weekend

وبالعربــــي ""

تستخدم .. “I hope”

لتمنّي شيء من الممكن حدوثه ,,

بينما تستخدم ..“I wish”

لتمنّي شيء مستحيل الحدوث أو صعب الحدوث